Company Profile

SmallControls manufactures standard and special control panels for refrigeration, air conditioning and water treatment industry.

Our head office is located in Piove di Sacco, a town between Padua and Venice, in the North-East of Italy.


SmallControls sede


Productive Ability and Economic Competitiveness

Thanks to the volume of purchases, SmallControls enjoys a favourable position on the market and is able to offer to its customer high quality products at a very competitive price.

Besides, thanks to the experience gained during years of activity, SmallControls is able to project and manufacture electric control panels up to 610Hp - 450kW for each motor (800A 400V~ 3F)  according to European normative.




The electronic production is also made with lead-free alloys and is therefore "RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant".
Where it is required, we enclose the product with the informative file WEEE 2002/96/CE for the waste of electronic equipment.



Starting from 16-05-2016 E-Drive Frequency Inverter become part of TIME TECHNOLOGY group as SmallControls.



Starting from 01-04-2016 MyRemoteView become part of TIME TECHNOLOGY group as SmallControls.